Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mad Marsh Trail 50k & Marathon Results 2012

Results by Number and Distance
* indicates female runner.
Congrats everyone!!!!!

38-3:18:11,  Ryan Thompson
63-04:42:59, Johnathon Byczkoski
40-05:02:30, Greg James
62-05:03:25, Chad Dixon

31.5 mi
1st-#5-04:02:07, James Sinclair
2nd-#34-04:08:14,  Garth Peterson
3rd-#10-04:11:05, Taryn Thomas* (1st)
4-27-04:48:53, Alex Turner
5-41-04:53:52, Rob Thomas II
6--9--04:57:15, Gary Davis
7--13---05:03:40, Lara Zoeller* (2nd)
8--29---05:07:28, Andy Bruner
9--30---05:08:43, Emily Ernst* (3rd)
10th--16---05:10:20, Daniel Paige
11--24---05:21:01, Janice Willey* (4th)
12--2---05:30:09, Mary Siegel*(5)
13--12---05:42:40, Doug Farley
14--6---05:45:57, Brian Luckett
15--31---06:00:55, Russell Dudley
16--23---06:09:42, Doug Failla
17--22---06:18:57, Diane Majeroni *(6)
18--36---06:19:45, Peter Hudec
19--11---06:27:42, Leslie Sampedro *(7)
20--28---06:36:28, Lori Couick *(8)
21--8---07:05:40, Rachael Parrish *(9)
22--1---07:33:54, Michael Shelly-Moody

Mad Marsh Trail Half Marathon, 4.5, 9, 18, or 22.5 miler Results 2012

4.5 miler
75 00:33:49- Timothy Hodges
74 00:35:33- Joshua Caldwell 
84 00:43:45- Mara Ward*
85 00:43:48- Melissa Galvan*
71 0055:23- Michele Henderson*
72 00:55:23- Josh Henderson
83-1:22:22- Kevin Layne

9 miles
93-01:50:18- Taylor Qualls*
90-2:13:31- Matthew Janes

13.5 mi
88-01:42:03- Christa Vanek*  
95-01:46:08- Matthew Kessinger
91-2:08:10- Sandy Burks*    
97-2:08:10- Rod Burks
98-2:11:49- Jerrod Poppe   
70- 02:13:31 - Jared Casanova
87-2:15:11- Jeremy Ellis   
81-2:30:28- Lisa Rosenmeier*
3-02:33:52 - Linda Nguyen *
 4- 02:33:52- Michael Kiriakos
                    94-2:44:30- BradleyStewart
                   39-02:47:27- Kathleen McElhannon
14-02:53:50- Flor Deleon *
73-03:03:25- Christy Byczkoski*
100-03:10:42- Jessica Nocerino Troianello *
82-03:29:03- Kelly Luckett *

18 mi

22.5 mi


Friday, November 16, 2012

MM Race Day Registration

REGISTER on Race Day for $45 cash.

There are some T Shirts and Race numbers that are waiting to be rescued by a runner!


LARGE trucks will have trouble fitting under low clearance branches.
(See MAP on right.) You will have to park near the letter A, rather than the color GREEN.
That sounded like Sesame Street, but it's a good visual.

From that area, the start will be a 0.1 mile warmup. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New MM12 Map!

Less than 3 days!!!

The new map shows you all you need to see to win Mad Marsh trail race and to set the pace for the dozens of people following you. Don't get lost!! Streamers are orange and will lead you to destiny...(and to food)! If you aren't seeing streamers, do one of the following: turn on your headlamp, stay straight , or get out of that person's backyard!

A'Hem!! Direct your attention to the almost black and white picture to your right.

Green represents the start/ car/ aid station area.
Blue arrows indicate the clockwise direction of the course.
Red is for roses ... No actually, it's for the grassy, piney, sandy path you will follow.
Purple is for the short, short, short road section.
And the all important A is where you will turn onto the course directly after the "golf cart crossing" road sign on Middle Rd.

Black and white represents your location if you are lost or if you decided to run to the beach instead.
Best Wishes for Running Greatness,
The RD

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prizes! Countdown! Food! (all great things)

Mad Marsh drawing prizes go to random participants, and include:
Books, Mags, Gift Certificates, and more!
Must be present to win.

10 days left!!! 

Also note that the aid station menu includes: water, soda, HEED, Pbjs, sweets, salties, cookies, chips, candy, fruit, and more!
Ibuprofen will not be handed out like candy, so bring your own if you hafta !!

Friday, October 19, 2012

MM info - Race Weekend

* PACKET PICKUP will be Friday from 4:15-5:15pm and is OPTIONAL! The location will be at the START Area (Take a Left off Sam's Point Road, Go 0.65 miles, Passing Coosa Elementary on your Left, and Fiddler Ln on your Left. Destination is on the RIGHT): 78 Middle Rd, Ladys Island, SC 29907. You may opt to get your packets in the morning from 5:45 - 6:25am. 

*PARKING is at the START. You may want a headlamp at the Start. Sunrise is at 6:55am. Twilight is at 6:29am. Weather is usually 57*-72*. Bugs come out around noon, so plan accordingly.

*IMPORTANT!!!!!!!  ~  When you are finishing each lap, there will be an option to stay straight (passing the table of food an water) and continue the race, or to VEER LEFT into the FINISH chute, crossing over the finish line. YOUR TIME WILL NOT BE RECORDED BY VOLUNTEERS UNLESS YOU ENTER THE FINISH CHUTE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Also, your projected race distance will be known by volunteers based on your online sign up option. IF YOU WANT TO STOP EARLY, THAT's FINE, just pass through the finish chute and tell a volunteer afterward. IF YOU WANT TO COMPLETE AN ADDITIONAL LAP, tell volunteers before leaving the aid station when you are going on your last lap. Possible Distances are: 4.5 miles, 9, 13.5, 18, 22.5, 27, 31.5 or 1,000,000!

* LAPS might not be kept track of by anyone but YOURSELF. FINISH times will be recorded.

* The course will be marked with bright ORANGE surveying ribbons and flags.

*Approximate turn - by - turn course directions for runners are: 
~MILE 0.0 - Start
~~~Mile 0.1 - Port-a-john / Crossing of Middle Rd./ Packet Pickup on Friday
~~~Mile 0.9 - Crossing of Brickyard Pt Rd.
~~~Mile 1.0 - A Hill! (The only one, no is approx. 12 feet high. Just precious.)
~~~Mile 1.3 - Crossing of Brickyard Pt Rd.
~~~Mile 2.5 - Crossing of Middle Rd****Here, it will be possible for your crew to meet you. FROM the START, crews will drive off the dirt golf course path and make a right onto MIDDLE Rd. They will travel 0.5 miles passing Seagull Dr on the left, passing Gator Trail on the Right, passing Turtle Ln on the Right, and passing Needlerush Rd on the Right. Here, the runners will be crossing the road from left to right. Park on the side of the Road or on the golf cart path. Don't pass Woods Lane on the Right or you have gone too far. ****
~~~Mile 3.1 - You will come to a paved road, but WILL NOT cross this time, as that would lead you to tear up a beautiful driving range. Turn right, follow the Road for 0.1 mile, passing Egret Lane on your Right (a Dead End), and then making a Right back onto the open path. THIS WILL BE CLEARLY MARKED!

~~~Mile 4.5 - Aid Station, Your Car, The Finish...all great things!

*SUMMARY: Cross the road 4 times, then run alongside the next road you come to, making a right onto the unpaved path.

*IF you read all of this, congratulations! You are prepared. If not, then just wing it, follow the faster people, and mooch off their headlamp light. That's what I would do. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sign up! NOW!!! 40 days left until the race...but only 11 until you guarantee a SHIRT in your size!!!! Whoa...better hurry on over to or ACTIVE. Get psyched and enjoy the cooler weather...(it's about stinkin' time...)!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Window is OPEN!

okay. okay. okay. You want a discount; I get it.
Go to - Mad Marsh 2012 and register right this moment. Save a few bucks by signing up BEFORE September 23. Everyone is the best! See you in 2 months!


Stay tuned this week for how to get an 11.4%
And register by OCTOBER 18 to guarantee a shirt in your size
-not to mention to actually get a remaining spot!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


  • MAD MARSH Trail Ultra (& Marathon & Half)
  • Saturday, November 17, 2012
  • START: 6:30am
  • CUTOFF: 2:45pm
  • Questions: WhatUltra @
  • Grassy 4.5 mile loop (repeat 3 - 7 times)
  • Choose: 13.5 miles (Half Marathon), 27 (Marathon), or 31.5 (50k Ultramarathon).
  • The course is on the MARSH Golf Course on Ladys Island. START/FINISH Address & Parking: 89 Middle Road, Beaufort, SC 29907-1332 (on
  • Plenty of volunteers will cheerfully give you food, water, and record your splits and finish times!
  • Drop bags / cars    can be revisited loop-by-loop
  • Avg Weather: 52*-68* (perfect)
  • Avg Sunrise: 6:45am. Avg Twilight Time: 6:29am. (perfect timing!) -> Bring a headlamp if you so desire.
  • Register SOON as only 99 runners will be allowed to participate! 
  • Sponsored by: HAMMER NUTRITION; Road ID; Darsey, Black & Assoc, and Palmetto Running Co
  • SPECTATORS and DOGS are welcome!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Mad Marsh 2012 price goes up in a few days! I expect more participants before then... :) A big thanks to our current SPONSORS:

HAMMER nutrition
Darcy, Black, & Assoc.

You make it easier to RUN FAR! Questions/Sponsors/Volunteers: email

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good luck!

Good luck to the runners doing CREMATOR 50 this weekend!!! It'll be cooler (?!) than last year, but probably not easier!

Don't forget to sign up to RUN or VOLUNTEEEEEEEER for Mad Marsh this fall! It's the third annual year of coastal dreams come true... A number of people have already signed up. A number greater than 13 but less than 25.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mad Marsh Registration is ALMOST up!!!

Mad Marsh registration is ALMOST up!!! Stay tuned...
November 17, 2012...a day of dreams come true...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BAD Marsh...then 5 months...

TONIGHT is the 2nd BAD MARSH night ULTRA on Ladys Island!!!!!!!! Congrats in advance to all of you runners who will attempt to run in the DARK for a very long time!! It is quite the challenge... After this accomplishment, come back in 5 months for the 3rd annual MAD MARSH Ultra, Marathon, and Half Trail Races (sponsored by HAMMER Nutrition) on NOVEMBER 17, 2012. It will be held during the daytime, and the temperature will be glorious here that time of year. Registration opens very soon...all updates will be found here on!

"Keep loving running, or else take a break..."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

BAD MARSH is filling up faster than your car's gas tank!

I saw on that only 19 spots are open for BAD MARSH 50k night run on JUNE 23!!!!!!! Hurry...! Hustle...! Run...!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Do the Humidity Hustle

Does anyone try to beat the heat by waking up and instantly scrambling for running clothes and shoes while still semi-incoherent? It's the humidity hustle...maybe I'll just never fit in with the locals. Perhaps my blood can't thin out like that. Regardless, it was a nice, overcast morning for a 1.5 mile stroll/waddle! I hope you are all enjoying your training, and not being too hard on yourselves!
Don't forget BAD MARSH is on JUNE 23!!!!!!!
Also, MAD MARSH is November 17.
Lastly, (ladies) check out SHE ROCKS THE TRAILS and keep rocking them East Coast to West.
And read my bio at: Ambassadors. :)

Friday, April 6, 2012


The 2nd Bad Marsh night ultra is happening this year on June 23, 2012 at 6:00pm!!!!!!! The cutoff time will be 8 hours, but any distance is welcome for 4.5 miles up (one to seven laps). Sign up for BAD MARSH at!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

MAD MARSH 2011 Report

The Mad Marsh Race Report is in the March 2012 edition of ULTRARUNNING Magazine!

1. " was my rescue people from enduring senselessly vile oyster roasts (hear the deviation from local normalcy in my voice) and liberate them into socially operating an excellent pair of running shoes."
2. "Local runners were in shape from the [Savannah Rock n Roll] marathon and ready to conquer their most perfect first ultra ever."
3. "At the cutoff time, I think everyone had already showered, eaten, and begun enjoying various post-race films."
4. "...male and female course records being shattered like a pair of femurs..."
5. "We had a barefoot runner braving the pine needles and acorns, a “first time in any race ever” Precalculus student, a runner wearing cotton and loving it, multiple families running and smiling together, and an expectant mom..."    

6. "...and the Coca Cola gave us unstoppable power, prodding us chase down a shoeful of memories."     
Correction to ULTRARUNNING Magazine (which is still AWESOME!):
The race report was written by Becky Walters, who does not like oysters, but opts for the similarly gooey and exponentially tastier option of gummy bears.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 RACES

1. Congrats to the finishers of HARBISON 50k! That's a great set of running/mtb trails...complete with hills!

2. Good luck to the runners participating in DELIRIUM in 10 days!!!! It's going to be incredible!

3. This year, there will be one official East Coast Ultras race - MAD MARSH 50k, etc. in November 2012! It'll be a blast. Sorry that we aren't offering many fun, low-key races this year. Let's just say, there are fewer hours for ultramarathons when you've got to devote time to ultrasounds.

4. Check out ULTRARUNNING Magazine's March edition for a few words on Mad Marsh 2011! Woohoo!

5. Other AWESOME 2012 Events:
March = Bel Monte 50k (VA) / Terrapin 50k (VA) / Gator Trail 50k (NC),
April = Croom Fool's Run (FL) / Landsford Canal 24hr (SC),
May = Long Cane 55m/50k (SC),
June = Chattooga River 50k (SC),
July = Cremator 50 (SC),
August = Hot to Trot 8hr (GA),
September = Buncombe 55k (SC),
October = FATS 50k (SC),
November = MAD MARSH 50k (SC) ,
December = Pine Mtn 40 (GA), Lookout Mtn 50 (GA) .