Thursday, August 25, 2011

MAD MARSH Ultramarathon - Saturday, November 19, 2011!!!!


This will be a gorgeous 4.5 mile loop on open, grassy trails.
The aid station/ drop bag will be conveniently located after each loop.
Run 1 to 7 loops!!!!!!!
The volunteers will be fabulous, and feel free to bring spectators.
Earn your turkey a week before Thanksgiving.
The shirts are cool! (wicked and wicking)
It's cheaper than a dinner date.
Your dog can run it with you.
The weather will average 55-65 degrees!
No more than 100 runners will be able to enter. No way!
It's flat and fast, but curvy and interesting!
The aid station food will be delicious!


Get into shape by running HAPPY CAMPER free ultra!!!! Friday, Sep 9.

Monday, August 15, 2011

HAPPY CAMPER free 30 miler

CLICK "View Full" for zoom capabilities and mile markers!

Monday, August 8, 2011

HAPPY CAMPER free ultra (30miles-Friday, 9/9/11)

I have a pretty phenomenal course mapped out for some FREERUNNING. And by that title, I refer to running for several hours at a cost of $0. The course consists of 3 out-and-backs in Bluffton, SC. The three sections are beautiful in 3 different ways: coastal open trail beauty, winding tree path grandeur, and the comfort of knowing civilization (in reverse order). The entry fee of $0 covers a map that I will email you, so you "kind of" know exactly where you are going. The HAPPY CAMPER course is flat and consists of roughly 13 miles of dirt trails, 4 miles of running in the grass beside a 2-way road, and 13 miles of paved trails. A map and turn-by-turn instructions with landmarks and road names will be emailed to you to print out. The course will not be marked, but if you run/walk at my leisurely and injury-preventing pace, you're sure not to get lost.

There will be 2 aid stations visited twice each. The catch is that you must pay for food and liquids at these aid stations. The first is named WENDY'S and the second, PUBLIX. You may also visit your car two times, conveniently in the last 7 miles. 

There are no cutoff times, but also may be no other happy campers waiting for you. Crews are welcome. Also, only 20 runners will be allowed to start this race. So, email me and commit fast! If you can't show on race day, tell me by Thursday at 6pm. Happy camping is also available at very near campground. 

For START info, details, a map, a waiver, and