Friday, March 16, 2012

MAD MARSH 2011 Report

The Mad Marsh Race Report is in the March 2012 edition of ULTRARUNNING Magazine!

1. " was my rescue people from enduring senselessly vile oyster roasts (hear the deviation from local normalcy in my voice) and liberate them into socially operating an excellent pair of running shoes."
2. "Local runners were in shape from the [Savannah Rock n Roll] marathon and ready to conquer their most perfect first ultra ever."
3. "At the cutoff time, I think everyone had already showered, eaten, and begun enjoying various post-race films."
4. "...male and female course records being shattered like a pair of femurs..."
5. "We had a barefoot runner braving the pine needles and acorns, a “first time in any race ever” Precalculus student, a runner wearing cotton and loving it, multiple families running and smiling together, and an expectant mom..."    

6. "...and the Coca Cola gave us unstoppable power, prodding us chase down a shoeful of memories."     
Correction to ULTRARUNNING Magazine (which is still AWESOME!):
The race report was written by Becky Walters, who does not like oysters, but opts for the similarly gooey and exponentially tastier option of gummy bears.