Thursday, October 28, 2010


We will provide:
PBJs, Pretzels, Chips, Cookies, Candy, Fruit, Water, Gatorade, Tums, Bandaids, and Vaseline at the aid stations. If you want something else, please pack it in your drop bag! :) (Like ibuprofen, gels, drinks, bars, bugspray, etc.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We are up to about 25ish people for the race!!! This number will continue to grow in these 4 weeks...tell a friend! But don't procrastinate TOO much!!! And I thought there were ZERO runners in this area...HA!

ON GOOGLE Earth, the start of the race is at: 32*27'09.62" N and 80*38'38.35"  W  on Google Earth.
The race heads West and around the golf course and crosses back over the start.

We'll be parking at 45 Middle Road, Beaufort, SC 29907-1300 = Coosa Elem. School!!! (May have a driver to ease you down the 0.2 mile stretch of road to your destination.)

Hope this helps!

Monday, October 4, 2010

FATS 50k

Great job to all the runners at FATS! The many, many little hills were fun at first and then NOT. I think we were all motivated by each other and we ranged from 10 to 70 years old. How many sports can claim that?! See you all at MAD MARSH (good news: it's flat and easy)!!!!!!