Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MAD MARSH 50k & friends (24 days!)

MAD MARSH Trail Race - 11/19/11 ------>

  • Grassy 4.5 mile loop (repeat 1 - 7 times)
  • Choose a popular option: 4.5 miles, 13.5(Half Marathon), 27 (Marathon), or 31.5 (50k Ultramarathon).
  • Or choose a convenient distance of: miles,18, or 22.5. Endless possibilities!
  • We'll have a PORTA-POTTY!!!!!

  • The course is on the MARSH Golf Course on Ladys Island. (see course map below). START/FINISH Address & Parking: 89 Middle Road, Beaufort, SC 29907-1332 (on
  • Plenty of volunteers will cheerfully give you food, water, and record your splits and finish times!
  • Drop bags / cars can be revisited loop-by-loop
  • Weather: 52*-68* (perfect)
  • Sunrise: 6:45am. Twilight: 6:29am. (perfect timing!) -> Bring a headlamp if you so desire.

  • Register SOON as only 75 runners will be allowed to participate!
  • Sponsored by: HAMMER NUTRITION
  • SPECTATORS and DOGS are welcome!!!
  • CUTOFF TIME: 3:00pm (8.5 hours)

  • MAP website: Mad Marsh Trail Map *CLICK HERE!!*
  • START/FINISH Address & Parking: 89 Middle Road, Beaufort, SC 29907-1332 (on - not an actual residential street address, but a locational estimate) This is located on Ladys Island. 78 Middle Rd, Ladys Island, SC 29907 (on 86 middle rd, ladys island, sc ( on
  • DIRECTIONS: From Downtown Beaufort: Take the drawbridge on Route 21. In 1.8 miles, (once you reach Walgreens), take a left onto Sams Point Road. Drive 2.4 miles, and take a left onto Brickyard Pt Road South. In 0.2 miles, this becomes Middle Road. Drive another 0.5, pass Coosaw Elementary School and then Fiddler Lane on your left, and turn right onto the course, a dirt road (at the Golf Cart Crossing sign). Park. Walk down the trail 0.1 miles to the START/FINISH area. Run and enjoy!!
  • Elevation Gain: ^^^^^95 feet per loop =  665 ft for the 50k ^^^^^
  • Note: The parking is on the course this year, not at the school. Also, parking is in a location different from BAD MARSH race.

Monday, October 24, 2011


The event "RUN FOR THEIR LIVES" was started in Lynchburg, VA and is growing exponentially every year. This is the 3rd year this race will be run, and it is for an astounding cause. The event takes place late in each October and benefits those sold into sexual slavery due to severe poverty. Most (80%) of these victims are women and children.
Please consider PARTICIPATING FROM A DISTANCE. Eventually, this will be a nationwide event, but for now, since our area isn't an official race location, please consider RUNNING a 5k or 10k on the course of YOUR CHOICE and signing up before Saturday at RUN FOR THEIR LIVES ( Write your location in the COMMENTS section to raise awareness and to represent your city and state!
Consider spending your next $24 on a cause bigger than your next meal out, stop at the gas station, new shirt, or movie. Or go in half and half with a friend. You can't go wrong!
Next year, sign up by Oct. 1st for a guaranteed T-shirt. For now, enjoy knowing you are helping those who desparately need it!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Check it out, trailrunners. How difficult is it to find coastal trails online? VERY! Usually the featured trails on websites are the worst ones...ever. The least-known trails often are the best! So, where can you run and not be stared at, beeped at, or run over? I'll try to inform you of as many trails as possible from my research, experience, and trespassing...I mean...exploration!!!
DIRT ONLY (no specific order):
1. Hunting Island State Park (Beaufort, SC Area) It costs a few bucks, but you can get a season pass. There are about 10 miles of trails (plus roads and 4 miles of shoreline). Once again, the best ones are the least publicized. Take Diamondback or Magnolia Forest trails-they have hills (bumps, dunes, whatever they are) and hopefully, I have already cleared out the spiderwebs for you!!!!! The Maritime Trail is the most traveled; it's straight, boring, and flat. Boooooo!  Shade is nice; sandgnats and fireants can be bad, so stay moving. LENGTH RATING: 6 out of 10. TECHNICAL RATING: 3 / 10. RATING COMPARED TO COASTAL TRAILS: 9 / 10.
2. West Ashley GREENWAY (Charleston, SC) - Free. 8 miles one way. Flat, suburban but ends up in a beautiful open marsh. Shaded about 3/4 of the way. LENGTH RATING: 8 out of 10. TECHNICAL RATING: 1 / 10. RATING COMPARED TO COASTAL TRAILS: 7 / 10.
3. New River Linear Trail (Bluffton, SC) - 3.5 miles one way. Free. Soon to be made longer! Gorgeous views of open marshes and birds galore. Can get sunny and hot. LENGTH RATING: 4 out of 10. TECHNICAL RATING: 1 / 10. RATING COMPARED TO COASTAL TRAILS: 6 / 10.
More to come...when I moved here I thought there were ZERO, but I have proved myself wrong. So get out there and get DIRTY!
4. Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge (Hilton Head Island, SC) - Free. 7 miles of flat sandy or grassy trails. LENGTH RATING: 4 out of 10. TECHNICAL RATING: 1 / 10. RATING COMPARED TO COASTAL TRAILS: 7 / 10.
5. McQueens Island Trail (Savannah, GA) - Free. Off US-80E. 3 miles one way; 3 miles the other way. Open, Sandy, Flat & Sunny. LENGTH RATING: 7 out of 10. TECHNICAL RATING: 1 / 10. RATING COMPARED TO COASTAL TRAILS: 6 / 10.
6. Tom Triplett Community Park Trails (Pooler, GA) - Free. 6.5 mile loop - marked and kept up for mtn biking. Nice mini hills and twists, turns, and roots keep it fun. There are another 3 miles of trails, plus access to the old Sav/Ogeechee Canal, and even a 1.5 mile paved loop around the long pond. You'll feel like you've made your getaway on these quiet, woodsy, unpopulated trails. Take unmarked turns; get lost; get found; explore! LENGTH RATING: 6 out of 10. TECHNICAL RATING: 3 / 10. RATING COMPARED TO COASTAL TRAILS: 9 / 10.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hey guys! We're filling up steadily! Sign up as soon as you can (preferably THIS month!)

Enjoy the AWESOME running weather.

Good Riddance, Summer!