Sunday, February 27, 2011


Black Vulture 50k… 2.26.2011
1 - 5:12:50 Jeffrey Watkins #12 43/M/SC
2- 5:14:17 Quincy Martel #30 37/M/SC
3-5:48:00 Robert Aydelotte #29 60/M/SC
4-6:37:30 Gary Davis #13 40/M/SC
5-6:53:08 Becky Walters,RD#8 23/F/SC
1-3:51:00 Donna Garske 55/F/SC
1-4:27:21 Sean Walters 24/M/SC
1-4:05:22 January Tramuta 25/F/SC
1-2:02:00 Mike Beckwith 59/M/SC
2-2:03:00 Tom Ruyle 59/M/SC
3-2:14:00 Evie Thomson 56/F/SC
4-2:29:00 Jonathan Lynch 35/M/SC
5-2:30:00 Amanda Lynch 33/F/SC
1-1:09:27 Micah Ward&Dog Bella 54/M/GA

Sunday, February 20, 2011

BLACK VULTURE is in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!


This race is on 100% trail. Choose 4.4, 14, 21, or 31 miles. Pay less than $8. **FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME to reserve a spot, and just bring cash as your race entry fee.**

SAT. FEB. 26, 2011 7:30am - 4:00pm (8.5 hour cutoff)
New River Linear Trail in Pritchard, SC off Okatie Highway.

Flat and fast course. Double out and back is 7 miles, so it'll be repeated 0.5 times, 2, 3, or 4.5 times for the Ultra.

I'll have some water, something salty, something healthy, something sweet, vaseline, and tums. Maybe music. And a stopwatch with a finisher poster / sharpie.  I may or may not have volunteers staying until your finish. But I will be there until 4:00pm. Drop bags/vehicles will be revisited every 7 miles by necessity (recording splits is optional), or if you need to get something, you can add 0.2 miles to your race and get on the connector trail and visit them every 3.5 miles.
I put up a few ribbons last week...they may still be there!?!?! :) :P

Or VISIT: just ring a few bucks on Saturday

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


New River Trail
According to Mapquest it's approximately: 3879 Okatie Hwy, Bluffton, SC

If you search Pritchard, SC, this is right where you need to go. Directly across from a home with a green roof and green mailbox.

From the SOUTH (Savannah or Hardeeville): Take 170East until you see the first entrance to Heritage Pky. Right after this, the trail is on your RIGHT. If you pass the second entrance to Heritage Pky, you've gone too far. From the NORTH (Beaufort): Take 170West to the only roundabout. Take the first right to stay on 170 / 46. Travel 1.6 miles. Pass only the first entrance to Heritage Pky. The trail will be on your left. 

STONEY CREST PLANTATION, 419 May River Road, Bluffton, SC 29910, (843) 757-3249

RACE MAP (pictured on top right) The chain link fence ends the NORTH SIDE of the trail (telephone pole #72). The river ends the SOUTH SIDE (Tel. pole #123). The connector trail to the parking lot is at Tel. Pole #103.

For 2.8 miles: Start on the connector trail, and turn right. Run to the end (river w/ no bridge) and back to the finish / parking area. < The South Side.

For 4.2 miles: Start on the connector trail, turn left. Run to the end (chain link fence) and back. <The North Side

Summary: North Side is a left turn off the connector/start area. South side is a right turn.
2.8 miles = S
4.2 mi = N
7 = N, S
10 = N, S, S
14 = N, S, N, S
21 = N, S, N, S, N, S
28 = N, S, N, S, N, S, N, S
31 = N, S, N, S, N, S, N, S, S