Monday, October 24, 2011


The event "RUN FOR THEIR LIVES" was started in Lynchburg, VA and is growing exponentially every year. This is the 3rd year this race will be run, and it is for an astounding cause. The event takes place late in each October and benefits those sold into sexual slavery due to severe poverty. Most (80%) of these victims are women and children.
Please consider PARTICIPATING FROM A DISTANCE. Eventually, this will be a nationwide event, but for now, since our area isn't an official race location, please consider RUNNING a 5k or 10k on the course of YOUR CHOICE and signing up before Saturday at RUN FOR THEIR LIVES ( Write your location in the COMMENTS section to raise awareness and to represent your city and state!
Consider spending your next $24 on a cause bigger than your next meal out, stop at the gas station, new shirt, or movie. Or go in half and half with a friend. You can't go wrong!
Next year, sign up by Oct. 1st for a guaranteed T-shirt. For now, enjoy knowing you are helping those who desparately need it!!!

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