Friday, October 19, 2012

MM info - Race Weekend

* PACKET PICKUP will be Friday from 4:15-5:15pm and is OPTIONAL! The location will be at the START Area (Take a Left off Sam's Point Road, Go 0.65 miles, Passing Coosa Elementary on your Left, and Fiddler Ln on your Left. Destination is on the RIGHT): 78 Middle Rd, Ladys Island, SC 29907. You may opt to get your packets in the morning from 5:45 - 6:25am. 

*PARKING is at the START. You may want a headlamp at the Start. Sunrise is at 6:55am. Twilight is at 6:29am. Weather is usually 57*-72*. Bugs come out around noon, so plan accordingly.

*IMPORTANT!!!!!!!  ~  When you are finishing each lap, there will be an option to stay straight (passing the table of food an water) and continue the race, or to VEER LEFT into the FINISH chute, crossing over the finish line. YOUR TIME WILL NOT BE RECORDED BY VOLUNTEERS UNLESS YOU ENTER THE FINISH CHUTE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Also, your projected race distance will be known by volunteers based on your online sign up option. IF YOU WANT TO STOP EARLY, THAT's FINE, just pass through the finish chute and tell a volunteer afterward. IF YOU WANT TO COMPLETE AN ADDITIONAL LAP, tell volunteers before leaving the aid station when you are going on your last lap. Possible Distances are: 4.5 miles, 9, 13.5, 18, 22.5, 27, 31.5 or 1,000,000!

* LAPS might not be kept track of by anyone but YOURSELF. FINISH times will be recorded.

* The course will be marked with bright ORANGE surveying ribbons and flags.

*Approximate turn - by - turn course directions for runners are: 
~MILE 0.0 - Start
~~~Mile 0.1 - Port-a-john / Crossing of Middle Rd./ Packet Pickup on Friday
~~~Mile 0.9 - Crossing of Brickyard Pt Rd.
~~~Mile 1.0 - A Hill! (The only one, no is approx. 12 feet high. Just precious.)
~~~Mile 1.3 - Crossing of Brickyard Pt Rd.
~~~Mile 2.5 - Crossing of Middle Rd****Here, it will be possible for your crew to meet you. FROM the START, crews will drive off the dirt golf course path and make a right onto MIDDLE Rd. They will travel 0.5 miles passing Seagull Dr on the left, passing Gator Trail on the Right, passing Turtle Ln on the Right, and passing Needlerush Rd on the Right. Here, the runners will be crossing the road from left to right. Park on the side of the Road or on the golf cart path. Don't pass Woods Lane on the Right or you have gone too far. ****
~~~Mile 3.1 - You will come to a paved road, but WILL NOT cross this time, as that would lead you to tear up a beautiful driving range. Turn right, follow the Road for 0.1 mile, passing Egret Lane on your Right (a Dead End), and then making a Right back onto the open path. THIS WILL BE CLEARLY MARKED!

~~~Mile 4.5 - Aid Station, Your Car, The Finish...all great things!

*SUMMARY: Cross the road 4 times, then run alongside the next road you come to, making a right onto the unpaved path.

*IF you read all of this, congratulations! You are prepared. If not, then just wing it, follow the faster people, and mooch off their headlamp light. That's what I would do. 

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