Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 RACES

1. Congrats to the finishers of HARBISON 50k! That's a great set of running/mtb trails...complete with hills!

2. Good luck to the runners participating in DELIRIUM in 10 days!!!! It's going to be incredible!

3. This year, there will be one official East Coast Ultras race - MAD MARSH 50k, etc. in November 2012! It'll be a blast. Sorry that we aren't offering many fun, low-key races this year. Let's just say, there are fewer hours for ultramarathons when you've got to devote time to ultrasounds.

4. Check out ULTRARUNNING Magazine's March edition for a few words on Mad Marsh 2011! Woohoo!

5. Other AWESOME 2012 Events:
March = Bel Monte 50k (VA) / Terrapin 50k (VA) / Gator Trail 50k (NC),
April = Croom Fool's Run (FL) / Landsford Canal 24hr (SC),
May = Long Cane 55m/50k (SC),
June = Chattooga River 50k (SC),
July = Cremator 50 (SC),
August = Hot to Trot 8hr (GA),
September = Buncombe 55k (SC),
October = FATS 50k (SC),
November = MAD MARSH 50k (SC) ,
December = Pine Mtn 40 (GA), Lookout Mtn 50 (GA) .

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