Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New MM12 Map!

Less than 3 days!!!

The new map shows you all you need to see to win Mad Marsh trail race and to set the pace for the dozens of people following you. Don't get lost!! Streamers are orange and will lead you to destiny...(and to food)! If you aren't seeing streamers, do one of the following: turn on your headlamp, stay straight , or get out of that person's backyard!

A'Hem!! Direct your attention to the almost black and white picture to your right.

Green represents the start/ car/ aid station area.
Blue arrows indicate the clockwise direction of the course.
Red is for roses ... No actually, it's for the grassy, piney, sandy path you will follow.
Purple is for the short, short, short road section.
And the all important A is where you will turn onto the course directly after the "golf cart crossing" road sign on Middle Rd.

Black and white represents your location if you are lost or if you decided to run to the beach instead.
Best Wishes for Running Greatness,
The RD

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