Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ultramaraton Pre Deti

SIGN UP THIS WEEK for $18!!!

This race will start at 6:00pm and features the trail distances: 4.5, 9, 18, 22, Half Marathon, Marathon, and Ultramarathon (50k). Another night race! This race will be light for around 3 hours (instead of 1), and is on a Saturday night for ease of travel and rest!

It's on the Bad Marsh course, in the counter-clockwise (opposite) direction. Proceeds benefit a good cause, and tee shirts will once again be pretty sweet.
*ASK about Setting up in the morning to get a lap out of the way, Volunteering, Sweeping, and the benefits of doing or having a family member do such.*


  1. Is there an Active sign up, or should we mail in?

  2. Where can I sign up for this one? I did the Bad Marsh through, but I don't think this 25 June race is on there.

  3. I will repost it on active!

    Email: for further details.