Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter. Holiday Lake 50k. Training.

Never a dull moment.

An extra cold winter, ey? 
How dost thou feel about this?

I'm kinda down with it. The bone chillin winds can be in inviting on medium distance runs especially. I often opt to shorten them or just dress crazy a mom. But something about the cold invigorates me. My bare legs can run and get iced at the same time, right? 

Like this week when 3 people asked me if I was cold. If it ain't 20, I ain't wearing pants! (Just shorts)
Running pants. Yuck. The WORST!! No freedom. 
If they aren't American flag red, they aren't cold, friends!!

Well, I dunno. What do you think?

I'm just psyched about the next shindig...
I'll be hyper. 
I'll run. 
I'll embrace it. 


Who's doing ICY 8? Holiday Lake 50ks?  Any Fat Races?
PS- Don't forget VA is for Dinos 27!!

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