Wednesday, June 29, 2011


What do rain clouds, runners, tents, BBQ grills, and the authorities all have in common? UPD! Ultramarathon Police Department- I mean Ultra Pre Deti...

Perhaps I named the race wrong considering the outcome!? At any rate, I was SO glad to have everyone participate despite the humidity, bugs, crazy schedules, online registration difficulties, and other issues.

It was another mentally tough race, since the dark makes people like me think it's time to call it quits and go to bed. I got word that it was tougher than Sweetwater 50k!

Thanks again to all the runners, and let's PACK OUT Mad Marsh 50k at 75 runners!!! We'll us Rock n Roll Marathon in Savannah as a cute little training run, right?

Results to follow...


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  1. i will be running Mad Marsh as my 3rd ultra a friend of mine sent me the link and we will be there. looking foward to this run and am happy to find your blog.